Online consultations available


How I can help you without using my hands?


Our bodies are very sophisticated and have an amazing ability to heal itself if we know how to support the healing process. Most pains, aches and injuries can be diagnosed very accurately with an online consultation and successfully treated with sensible self-management plan.

That's how it works:

Your Story

We will meet online and start with your story. I want to know everything about your recent complaint, pain pattern, behaviour, aggravating factors, how it is impacting your life, limitations of your abilities, how it makes you feel etc. We will talk about your medical history, investigation, past injuries, surgeries, activities you are doing now or have done in the past. We will discuss and establish what is important for you, your goals, and the outcomes you would like to achieve with physiotherapy.


Just the same as I do face to face in my clinic, I will ask you to move and perform some mobility, strength or nerve irritation tests while I observe you through my video screen. Together, with your feedback,  I can formulate accurate diagnosis and identify the most important changes you need to make to your body to move forwards.


Together we can design your unique treatment plan. I can guide you through a wide variety of self-treatment techniques: soft tissue and myofascial self-releases, stretches, self-mobilisation drills, progressive strengthening etc. Not essential, but If you have a tennis ball, dumbbells, resistance bands or any other fitness equipment at home - we can make very good use of it.

Your Commitment

 I will guide you through your healing process. I will give you necessary knowledge and awareness to empower you to make the changes in your own body. Most importantly I expect you to be very ACTIVE in your rehabilitation process. You will change because you are making those changes to happen. You will be given your individual exercise plan to fit your lifestyle and levels of activity to reach your goals  depending on your desired outcome.

Online consultation process

  1. Get in touch with your contact details and I will call you back.

  2. We will arrange the best time for your video call.

  3. We have video consultation via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime etc.

  4. I clearly explain your diagnosis and we discuss the treatment plan.

  5. I send you a summary of findings and a proposed treatment plan.

  6. You can ask further questions via Email or WhatsApp.

  7. I will contact you in a week to check on your progress.